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Saucy (a.k.a. The Hostess Project)

Saturday, February 26th, 2005

The Hostess Project

The dinner party was a success! We had lots of great food, some stellar wines and wonderful company. The cat didn’t knock over any candles and no wine was spilt on the new carpet (okay, just a little).

Everything was well planned and I was able to enjoy myself and socialize, which is sometimes hard to do when serving a coursed dinner. I am busy writing it all up and will post a link to the article on the site when it goes live.

Thank you to all the guests for making it such an enjoyable evening!

Friday, February 25th, 2005

State of My Bacon…

A few weeks ago, Jessa Crispin of Bookslut fame contacted me about her latest venture: Saucy. Saucy will be an online magazine that focuses solely on food and will have a wide range of columns covering topics like food essays, cookbook reviews, chef interviews, drinks, etc.

Jessa asked if I would like to be a regular contributor. I had just written a post about how I was accepting the Dinner Party a Month challenge, so I decided that that would be the perfect theme. My column will be called “The Hostess Project”.

My first Saucy dinner party is tomorrow and I’m a little nervous because of the extra pressure. I’m hoping for no catastrophic failures, even though it would probably make my article more interesting.

Anyways, more to come… will launch on March 7th, so add that to you foodie calendars!

On a separate note, I have been struggling with content organization for my site. When I started blogging I never dreamed I would write so much—I’ve been averaging a post a day lately. So I’m trying to make things easier to find (mostly for me, but also for you). Here are the recent updates:

  • I wanted to make it easier to see specific restaurant information, so I have added a Restaurant Review section.
  • All recipes on the site (and more) can be found on my recipe site.
  • A new bacon side bar has been added for just bacon-related things. If I’m missing anything major, please leave me the URL in the comments. Thanks!
Thursday, February 3rd, 2005

Pyramid Scheme Dinner Parties

I just finished reading the latest issue of The Curmudgeon’s Home Companion—a hilarious food-centric newsletter of “delightfully mean-spirited articles” written by Dan Goldberg. If you haven’t yet read The Curmudgeon, check out the In Defense of (Occasional) Drunkenness article. Very funny stuff.

This month’s main article was about Pyramid Scheme Dinner Parties. I think this is a brilliant idea and am officially announcing my wholehearted participation. The deal is that you make a commitment to throw at least one dinner party a month and invite at least three people. The goal is to receive return dinner party invites, with the side benefit of possibly meeting new people that you can rope into the scheme. This idea is hugely appealing to me because I love to cook, I love to eat and I love things that are cyclical.

So, the tricky part is deciding who to invite. In order for this idea to really work, there has to be a good chance that at least three of your invitees will return an invitation. In the article, Dan discusses how to spot people who won’t invite you back (“be wary of Californians, a socially challenged state”) and the merits of inviting people who can’t cook but who possess other, lesser qualities, such as being interesting, or intelligent, or maybe being of the type who will get really drunk and provide spontaneous dancing or dirty-joke telling.

In the end, Dan decides that these people are still worth inviting, but I’m on the fence. Mostly because I know a lot of entertaining people who can also cook, so I have to draw the line somewhere. He says you can’t count relatives either, but every single one of my relatives is a great cook, so I’m ignoring that rule. I may, however, extend the exception rule to people who own extensive wine cellars. But I don’t know any yet, so maybe I’ll have to lower the bar and go with people who can mix a mean cocktail.