Zach wanted to try a new breakfast place today. He’d never been to Macrina before so we headed to the Belltown location for brunch. It was of course PACKED. There were more people crammed into the bakery area waiting for a table than people eating in the dinning room. There was a list of 20+ people ahead of us, but luckily most of them had given up and left, so we got a table in about 20 minutes.

Zach had the French toast, which was thick-cut and fluffy, but I didn’t care for the peach syrup. It tasted funny to me. The pork and apple sausages that came with the French toast were great.

I had a demi baguette with ham and Dijon. The bread was awesome, but I was wishing that they had used nicer ham and saltier mustard. I also had a side order of the applewood smoked bacon, but I fear that I have been spoiled to the point of no return and nothing will ever compare to wild boar bacon.

I have eaten at Macrina before and remember it being great, so I’m not sure if today was an off day or if I’m just getting jaded. I suspect it’s the jaded thing. Although, watching the cute kid at the next table over puke his breakfast all over the floor didn’t help.

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