I always had this childhood fantasy that I would marry the person who first took me to Canlis. As it turns out, my mom took me for my 31st birthday.

The restaurant was beautiful with an amazing view, but horribly quiet and empty (of course, it was a Monday night). We split the foie gras and Dungeness crab leg appetizers, which were both fantastic. I ordered the $70 Kobe beef steak on recommendation from the waiter. It was good, but $70 good? Probably not. Mom had the duck and we split some desserts. Overall, the food was quite good, but also really simple. I think for as much money as was spent, I prefer ‘fancier’ food and a more engaging atmosphere.

As we were leaving, we peeked into the piano bar area and I realized that this is where we should have been—lounging in the bar, drinking cocktails and eating fantastic appetizers. I’ll be back for that. With or without a man.