G & C graciously offered to let me host a party at their beautiful home at the Dunn Gardens. I was really excited but also a little nervous about cooking in a kitchen that’s not my own.

I decided on a seafood menu, so I picked up some gorgeous salmon and prawns at mutual fish (my favorite fish monger) and headed north. There was a scheduling glitch and I was locked out of the kitchen until an hour before the party started! I was panicked and wandering about the garden trying to reach someone on the phone. Finally I just started de-veining shrimp on the gardening bench outside.

Once we got in, it was a mad rush, but I had a few friends helping, so we managed to get everything prepared just as the last guest arrived. G & C were pouring their famous lemon drops, which they spent months taste-testing and perfecting, and the guests brought some great wine.

Food seems to taste better when it’s not prepared in a rush, so I was a little disappointed with the results, but everyone had a good time.

Chile-Lime Shrimp with Avocado
Figs of the Gods (port stewed figs served on gorgonzola toasts)
Sauteed Mushrooms on Toast
Sweet-potato Ravioli with Sage & Pecans
Horseradish Crusted Salmon with Beet Sauce & Mashed Potatoes
Soft Chocolate Cakes

I totally forgot to take pictures of the food and I didn’t realize my camera was set to the red-eye double flash setting, so it looks like we had dinner at Glamor Shots…