The last workday before a long holiday weekend always seems like it deserves a special lunch, so Zach and I went to the Baguette Box.

When we meet here, we usually each get a different sandwich and split them so that we can try all the flavors. So far we’ve had the Drunken Crispy Chicken, the Salumi Salami, the Kobe Beef and the Gravlax. Lately, I seem to have gotten stuck on the Salumi Salami sandwich (how can you resist Mole salami!?) and Zach usually orders the Crispy Drunken Chicken, so we both decided to try something new today.

Zach tried to order the hoisin pig ear sandwich, but they were out of it. Who knew pig ears were so popular? He ordered the lamb sandwich with yogurt instead and I ordered the red-wine braised pork sandwich. They were both delicious. Mine was especially messy with all of the braising juices squirting out of the tender pork and mixing with the mustard-seed spread. Zach’s lamb had roasted red peppers and a delicious Greek-tasting yogurt sauce, which totally made the sandwich. I can’t wait to go back and try the rest of them—I’m especially interested in the beef and veal meatball sandwich.

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