I love la Spiga. Yes, it’s basically in a strip mall underneath the Capitol Hill QFC. Yes, it can be really expensive, especially when you go with a large group. Yes, it’s really small and can sometimes be hard to get a table.

But the piadina! Where else can you get piadina sandwiches that taste this good?

For lunch we split my favorite piadina sandwich: fresh mozzarella, prosciutto and truffle mushroom paste sandwiched in between a biscuit-like flatbread and grilled to perfection.

We also split an order of the special of the day; a farro with squash. It was very good and really different from the farro squash dish we had at Lark. It was less like a creamy risotto and more crunchy and nutty. Different, but equally as good.

They also have one of the most simple, but delicious salads. It’s just romaine, frisee, radicchio, carrot and arugula dressed with olive oil, vinegar and salt & pepper. I’ve decided it must be really expensive olive oil that makes it so good. I keep trying to make it at home, but it never comes out as good. It could also be the lettuce mix; it’s always fresh and sweet lettuce. I wonder where they get it—for damned sure not at the QFC.

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