Zach got back from Minneapolis tonight and I thought I’d cook an easy meal of stuffed peppers and spinach salad. The sausage stuffed pepper recipe is an old favorite, but the salad recipe was new. It has a really unusual dressing (with powdered sugar), but it was really good.

Zach had told me about this restaurant in Minneapolis called Hell’s Kitchen, where he once had Eggs Benedict with Foie Gras and Beef Wellington. It sounds like overkill to me, but he claims it’s really great. Since the Eggs Benedict doesn’t travel well, Zach brought me back some sausage bread. Here is the description from their website:

Toasted Sausage Bread
Yes, the name sounds strange, but trust us! This is a deliciously dense bread made with bison sausage, spices, currants, pecans, and black coffee.

The bread was really good, although there was no discernable sausage taste—it was more like a really good nut bread. It came with fresh whipped butter, bitter marmalade, berry jelly and homemade peanut butter (my favorite).