For some strange reason I was craving German food today. Maybe it was the cold and blustery weather. We ended up at Die Bierstube (‘beer room’) on Roosevelt Way.

The food was very… German. It was good, but not very interesting. I had the wurst plate which came with a bratwurst, a knockwurst, tons of sauerkraut, some really dry bread, honey mustard and stone ground mustard. Zach had the Rippchen, a smoked pork chop, that came with the same accoutrements. The best thing on the plate was the Gundelsheim pickled gherkin—it was SO good.

The beer, on the other hand, was great. I had an Erdinger Pinkantus and don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a beer as much as that one… but I’m not really a beer drinker or connoisseur.