I’ve decided that only one of three things will break my eating out streak:

a. My scale loops around the weight dial, twice
b. I get a call from the bank announcing “Non-Sufficient Funds”
c. There is some sort of intervention

So, true-to-form, I wanted to go out on Friday for a burger. For some reason I was more concerned with the atmosphere at this point. I wanted something nice, but I also wanted something very quiet. I decided my best bet would be one of the less popular hotel bars; I chose the Library Bistro (the scaled-down replacement for the Painted Table restaurant) in the Alexis Hotel—not to be confused with their other hotel restaurant, The Bookstore Bar.

It was perfect; there were only a few people in the entire place—it was actually so empty that they had closed the lower restaurant portion, but the cozy bar area was still open and serving food.

My burger was very juicy and sloppy with pickled onions, blue cheese and ‘Bavarian’ bacon (I asked about the origin of the bacon and it was apparently from Bavarian Meats in the market, but no one could tell me what exactly made it Bavarian). The burger was great, but not as good as the amazing blue cheese burger they serve at Septieme. The fries were soft, which normally I don’t like, but these had an abnormally prominent potato flavor and they were great. They also had a gorgeous array of single-malt scotches—the list was two pages long!

All in all, this is a great place to come when you’re looking for a low-key night out in a very comfortable and warm environment with good, solid food.

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