I cooked today! I made a breakfast scramble with leftover things in my fridge: cheddar cheese, green onions, cilantro-chicken sausage and a mild enchilada sauce. Writing this, it sounds like it should have been good, but somehow it wasn’t very satisfying. So a few hours later I convinced Zach to go to Red Line with me for a sandwich.

Red Line is in the old Hamburger Mary’s location on the corner of Denny and Olive and it has undergone a dramatic facelift. I am no longer scared of eating there. In fact, the place was really cheery and bright—and offers free wireless, so it was packed with people and their glowing apple laptops.

Upon entering, we were both set on ordering something healthy, but once I read the special, Roasted Pork Loin with Braised Cabbage and Leeks, I changed my mind. Zach got the Fig, Prosciutto and Gruyere pressed sandwich.

The pork wasn’t what we were expecting (which was a big juicy slab of pork with lots of gooey mayo). It was actually a nice, healthier version of that—thinly sliced pork (similar to sliced deli meat, but better) with a cabbage and leek coleslaw-type spread that was light on the mayo. Yumm.

Zach’s sandwich was even better. The figs were made into a paste, mixed with balsamic and thinly spread on the best sandwich bread ever (really crisp on the outside, but at the same time soft, so it didn’t damage the roof of my mouth). It was packed with salty prosciutto and a light layer of gruyere and it wasn’t swathed in oil like most pressed sandwiches are, so it was just a nice warm sandwich with melted cheese.

This will be a great spot for me to while away the rainy Seattle winter months, eating good food and writing in my blog.