I swear that sometime this year I’ll actually cook a meal. But I’m feeling lazy thus far. In my defense, I still have a bit of a cold.

Zach and I went to Takohachi because it’s my favorite new cheap eat. I got the Chiri-Nabe (hot pot) and it was delicious, but not quite as delicious as the last time. I think it was because I ordered it with just chicken instead of chicken and fish. It seemed to be lacking salt.

Zach got something I can’t spell, but it was broiled saba. It was sooooo good. I don’t even like saba, but I may have to get it the next time I go. We also had the fried potstickers, which were surprisingly good. Crunchy and not at all greasy, and filled with salty salmon and green onions.

I think there will be quite a few posts about Takohachi because I want to go back and try everything on the menu…