I just received the latest Saveur, which was a special issue with their top 100 favorite “foods, restaurants, recipes, people, places & things”. This is what caught my eye:

#1 Apparently, cooking in the fireplace is the new hot thing—although, this is most certainly not going to happen in my apartment

#4 Pepperidge Farm Bread—I’ve always seen this bread recommended in recipes, but I’ve never seen it in the store…

#9 Best substitute for Pizza? Okonomiyaki! I am lucky that Zach cooks really delicious ones.

#12 Certified Humane Raised and Handled Products

#21 Furikake! This is on my top 100 list as well, but I would have rated it higher.

#25 Most irresistible aroma: frying bacon. Again, on my list, but more like #2, right after eating bacon.

#49 Old South Tomolives—the latest martini garnish

#55 Senapata—a delicious sounding quince paste with a touch of mustard

#72 For those of you lucky people with fireplaces, check out spitjack

#74 Del Norte raw flour tortillas

#96 Best sliced bread since sliced bread: Shokupan