Maybe I’m unlucky, or maybe I’m unskilled, but I rarely win anything. I was lamenting this fact to Zach just the other day. I was telling him how much I wanted to win the MeatHenge Meat Platter Contest, because if I did it would be the third time if my life that I’ve won something.

The first time happened was when I was about eight and tore into a package of Hubba Bubba to find that I had won… a He-Man coloring book. Huh. The prize was really lame and I ended up giving it to my brother, but I was still excited to have won something.

The second win happened when I was about eleven. I was on a diving team and won first place! And second… and third. Okay, so what if I was the only participant in my age group. I still won.

So after a twenty-year gap, I have won yet again. This time I actually like the prize (a book), and there was even some stiff competition. Yes, I came in second place, but I’m still counting it as a win and I will proudly add the MeatHenge Meat Platter Contest to my illustrious career as a winner.

Thank you Dr. Biggles!