A while back, Molly from Orangette and I discussed getting together a group of Seattle Food Bloggers to talk about food, eating, cooking, and blogging. Our favorite topics.

After much planning, we finally met everyone last night:

Accidental Hedonist
Amuse Bouche
Culinary Fool
Tasting Menu

We had a delicious meal at Malay Satay Hut—everyone chose something from the menu and we ate family style:
Roti Canai – Flatbreads with a curry dipping sauce
Fish with Thai Sauce – A whole (delicious) fried Tilapia with a sweet and sour tamarind sauce
Mango Shrimp – A beautiful dish of sweet mango and shrimp served in hollowed out mango shells
Dried Curry Crab РA whole crab saut̩ed in curry sauce
Curry Beef – A spicy and rich beef curry
Nasi Lemak – Not quite sure what this was, but it was good—it came with rice, eggs, some sort of stewed meat and a chutney
String Beans РSpicy beans saut̩ed with shrimp
Noodles with Tofu – This was really good, but I didn’t get the name of the dish

The food was great, but I found it hard to concentrate on both the food and conversation at the same time, so out of politeness, I opted to concentrate on the conversation.

Actually it was great. We had such a varied mix of people in terms of how they approach blogging, how long they’ve been doing it and with what seriousness. It was a little odd at first because we all knew the intimate food-related details of each others’ lives, but had never met. The idea of being anonymous and not-so-anonymous at the same time is really interesting. I had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone. I hope we can do it again soon…