Zach took me to Baguette Box today for a little Valentine’s Day lunch. I celebrated with a meatball sandwich and he had a tuna salad sandwich. The meatballs were made from veal, beef and sausage and they were delicious and incredibly tender. The red sauce was good, but didn’t seem all that flavorful. I think my favorite sandwich is still the Salumi salami one.

Zach’s tuna sandwich was good as well. The tuna was really light and dressed with just oil and vinegar instead of mayonnaise. It was garnished with slices of radishes and eggs. It was actually a lot like a salad nicoise on a bun. Yum!

We also had FRIES. Yes, the Baguette Box now serves French fries. They are the squishy, hand-cut kind, but they’re great. We ordered the fries with truffle oil and they were addictive. To complete the truffle theme, Zach gave me a beautiful little dish of truffle salt that I can’t wait to use on everything.