For the people who spent the night after Zach’s birthday party, I cooked up the rest of the Grateful Palate bacon for a breakfast taste test. The general consensus was that the Meacham Old Fashioned Maple Cured Bacon was our favorite because of the nice maple sweetness and crispy crunch. A few people really liked the strong flavor of the Gatton Farms “Dan Phillips Secret Special Cure”, but we all agreed that it was too salty to eat more than one or two slices at a time.

We also set up a make your own omelette station with all the leftover pizza toppings (there were a LOT). I’ve been watching a ton of Alton Brown’s Good Eats and just saw the episode on omelettes, so I decided to show everyone what I learned. Either I’m a bad study or he gave some bad advice; the first omelette I tried to make was awful—over-done and stuck to the pan. My mom took over, using butter AND olive oil (Alton says to only use butter) to grease the pan and the rest of the omelettes turned out great.

I made one with chorizo, pancetta, ranchero cheese, cilantro and mushrooms. It was delicious.