When I first started working on Capitol Hill, I was dismayed by the lack of lunch choices (my last job put me within a block of the Pike Place Market). A coworker suggested I try Honey Hole, but I resisted as long as I could. I just couldn’t get past the name. It was too similar to Honey Bucket. Finally I relented.

I got hooked on the Dirt Burger, which is a great garden-burger type sandwich. I burned out after three years of Dirt Burgers for lunch, so when Honey Hole started serving dinner, I never went. I assumed that it was the same menu as at lunch, but as usual my assumptions were wrong.

Zach said Honey Hole had really good (beef) burgers and that’s what I was craving tonight. They only had a few different items on the dinner menu, but one of them was the Western Sky Burger. I was really impressed that they used Misty Isle Beef. It seemed like an extra special touch for a burger and sandwich joint.

Either I was starving at the time, or the Western Sky Burger was the best burger I’ve ever eaten. Or maybe a little of both. Zach and I got into an argument over whether or not it was better than the blue cheese burger at Septieme. I say hell yes. I will tell you what was in it: bacon, cheddar cheese, deep-fried-crunchy-golden-yummy-yummy onion rings and BBQ sauce. It came with crisp-yet-fluffy, dangerously addictive French fries.

The only (and fairly major) downfall is that when we left, we reeked of smoke and grease. Oh yeah, and they play their music so loud that it’s hard to have a conversation. But it’s worth it for that burger.

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