I may have an addiction to the Porchetta sandwich at Salumi. I dream about it all the time and crave it at odd moments throughout the day. I had to have another one, so Zach and I ran down to Salumi for lunch.

My porchetta sandwich wasn’t quite as juicy as the last time, but it was still incredible. This time it came with a slice of wonderful, aged provolone. Zach ordered the special, which was a fennel sausage sandwich. It had great fennel flavor and was incredibly tender. It almost had a taste and consistency like foie gras. I also had to get a half pound of the Finocchiona salami to go. It has a light fennel flavor and is embedded with black peppercorns. Very good, but also really hot when you bite into a whole peppercorn.

We sat in the back and heard a buzz that Giada De Laurentiis of Food TV’s Everyday Italian was in the restaurant—on a tour of the facilities. When she came back from the tour, every guy at the table had whiplash from trying to look at her. She is absolutely gorgeous. She also seemed incredibly friendly and had the largest smile I’ve ever seen.

Although this was my first celebrity sighting at Salumi, they are apparently fairly common; the very next day I read about Viv’s sighting of Ruth Reichl AND Ethan Stowell.

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