There are certain things you crave when you’ve spent two days in an apartment, painting almost every visible surface. One of them is beer. And the other is burgers. We didn’t want to stop painting to go eat, so I sent Zach down the street to pick up burgers from CC’s Burgers, which should NOT be confused with CC Attles (where you can also pick up meat, but it won’t be of the edible kind). In my book CC’s Burgers is tied with Red Mill for yumminess, but CC’s often wins out because it’s close (maybe too close) to my Capitol Hill apartment.

Zach got the Everythang Burger, and it was ginormous. It had a huge beef patty, two types of cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, bacon and hot links. Hot links? Yeah, that’s what I said, but trust me, the hot links made the burger transcend normal burger-dom into some higher realm. (Burger-Neverland, perhaps?)

I had the only-slightly-smaller Bacon Burger with American cheese, bacon and pickles. It came on a soft sesame seed bun and the beef had great beefy flavor. Plus it had incredible, thick, crispy bacon that wasn’t overcooked like Red Mill’s bacon tends to be. It was so good.

I have to admit that these two burgers were better than the other burgers I’ve had at CC’s. I’m not sure if it was just a good day or if I was extra hungry from painting, but at the time I declared that these burgers were way better than Red Mill. Plus CC’s has onion rings that will blow your socks off. They are coated with just the thinnest layer of batter and are shatteringly crisp. They are greasy, but so good that you don’t really care.

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