Zach and I tried to go to Yanni’s (my favorite Greek restaurant in Seattle) for dinner, but sadly, they are closed on Sundays. Instead, we ended up down the street at El Chupacabra (the name means goat sucker)—the restaurant/house which used to be The Stalk Exchange. I had never been to The Stalk Exchange before (I mistakenly thought they only served vegetarian food), but it had been one of Zach’s favorite places. He was really sad that the restaurant now feels more like a rowdy college bar, complete with loud, loud music, lots of smoke and a pool table.

We were feeling ravenous, so we started off with a cheese quesadilla. It was ridiculously simple; barely toasted tortillas with two kinds of buttery cheeses sandwiched inside. It was also ridiculously good. So good that I ate it plain without any hot sauce or sour cream (and I love sour cream).

I ordered the burrito with pork carnitas ($5.50 small), which was good, but I always forget that I don’t like burritos. I go years between eating them and eventually order one and remember why I never order them: they are over-stuffed with rice and beans and you can hardly taste the flavor of the meat. I pulled my burrito apart and ate just the pork and the tortilla. The pork was good, but had nothing on the pork at El Puerco Lloron. The flour tortilla was great—I think they may be hand made.

Zach had the carne asada torta ($5.50) and I was sad I didn’t order a torta as well. The beef was nicely flavored and slid into a soft baguette, with just the thinnest layer of cheese and pickled jalapeños. It was then pressed, like a panini until thin, toasty and warm. I have always loved tortas and am now determined to find the best one in Seattle (suggestions please!).

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