Every once in a while, I crave hash browns for breakfast. I used to know the perfect place to get my fix of crispy, golden brown, perfectly cooked hash browns, but sadly Twin Teepees is long gone and I have been on a quest for great hash browns ever since.

As an aside, I am dismayed by how many restaurants serve home fries. I hate home fries (unless I make them). I think Seattleites should refuse to eat home fries until restaurants get the picture: orange, flaccid cubes of greasy, undercooked and over-spiced potatoes are disgusting. Home fries have become a plate fillers and garnishes—and I’m sorry, but that role has already been filled by unripe fruit.

Ahem. So my subtle point it that I refuse to eat breakfast at places that serve home fries. Unfortunately, the fate of hash browns hasn’t fared much better. Everywhere I go, they’re either overcooked (the texture of Chinese fried noodles), undercooked (hard and flavorless), or water-logged (mushy and pale). But I hold out hope.

I thought Diner might have the kind of hash browns I was looking for, so Zach and I headed down to Pioneer Square for breakfast. Diner is the quintessential diner, complete with red banquettes, black and white checkered floors and saucy, yet sweet waitresses.

I ordered the egg plate: two eggs, two English muffins, three strips of bacon and hash browns. The eggs were oddly delicious and perfectly cooked and I used my over-buttered muffins (not complaining!) to soak up the runny yolks. The bacon was solid, but not outstanding. Unfortunately, the hash browns were about the same. I had asked for them extra crispy, but they still came pale and soft. Fortunately, the potatoes were actually cooked all the way and had good potato flavor.

Zach had two pancakes, eggs and bacon. I’m not a sweets-for-breakfast type of person, but I loved the pancakes. They were super fluffy, despite the 1/2 cup of syrup Zach poured over them (again, not complaining). Plus the pancakes had the ever slight taste of yeast, which I love.

Overall, breakfast was good, but not anything to write home about. However, considering that Diner charges about half of what you’d pay elsewhere, plus the fact that we didn’t have to wait for a table, swung the scale in their favor. We’ll definitely be making this a regular breakfast spot.