I feel so torn writing about Musashi’s and there are several reasons for this: One, it has a special place in my heart because Mitsuko is part of my family. Two, it was the first place I ever worked (busing tables at the tender age of 12). Three, they have the best chicken teriyaki and harusame salad. The only downside, really, is that it’s dingy and I have a hard time taking friends there. Luckily there is take-out.

Chicken teriyaki – Sweet, salty and thick teriyaki sauce paired with grilled and lightly charred, white-meat chicken skewers.

Harusame noodle salad – Who knew that mayonnaise, harusame noodles, fake crab and cucumbers could taste this good? I always order an extra salad.

Yaki onigiri – A delicious ball of rice that’s been lightly grilled and mopped with teriyaki sauce. These are better when you eat them at the restaurant; by the time I got home they were cold.

Salmon onigiri – A rice ball stuffed with salmon and bonito flakes, but not grilled. Zach’s favorite.

Sushi – The unagi (eel) was really moist and good, but again, cold by the time I ate it. The tamago (omelet) was delicious as was the sweet tofu inari.

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