As you can probably tell, I eat out a lot. What you probably can’t tell is that I’m getting really sick of it. I want a home cooked meal… but I’m too tired/lazy to cook these days. So yet again, I found myself in the freezer section of QFC picking out another Grace’s Kitchen meal-in-a-box. This time it was Pork Piccata.

The contents of the box included a package of two boneless pork chops, piccata sauce, some brilliantly green string beans and a pouch of prepared Israeli couscous. Following the instructions, I defrosted everything then dusted the pork with flour and seared both sides. I tossed in the sauce packet and simmered everything until the pork was done. I heated the green beans in the microwave and finished them with a pat of butter and a sprinkle of salt. The instructions said to serve the couscous at room temp, but it seemed a little dry that way, so I gently heated the couscous as well. Everything was done in about 20 minutes but I didn’t like how much sauce remained—so I removed the pork and reduced the sauce until it was slightly syrupy.

I over-cooked the pork a tad, but even still, it was very good. The sauce was rich, acidic, tart and lemony (in a good way), with lots of briny capers. The green beans tasted almost fresh and were so pretty. The couscous pearls were surprisingly flavorful and seemed to melt in my mouth. On the whole, it was pretty delicious and I was happy with my semi-home-cooked meal.