Zach and I were too tired to cook after a long weekend of painting, so we decided to order out Chinese from Sichuanese Cuisine. Our friend B joined us and said it was the best Chinese food he’d ever eaten.

Chinese ravioli ($4.25) – These were good, but a little too spicy and lacking in real flavor.

Dried-cooked chicken and string beans ($6.50) – We got two orders of this because it’s sooo good. The chicken wasn’t as crispy as usual, but I think it’s because we got it to go and it sat in the car a while.

Chinese stir-fried greens (not sure of price) – Very, very good. Nice and garlicky, as usual.

Shrimp in black bean sauce ($6.95) – This was our first time ordering this and it was a knock-out. I think I liked it even more than the chicken (gasp!). The shrimp were perfectly cooked and stir-fried with lots of cabbage and veggies in a savory and salty black bean sauce.

M, a million thanks for introducing me to Sichuanese Cuisine