I am honored to host the Sixth Edition(!) of Does My Blog Look Good in This?!

In case you’ve missed the past few editions, new rules have been implemented and photos are now judged by a panel of five, each giving photos a 1-10 rating for three different categories:

  • Aesthetics – Is your picture purdy?
  • Eatability – Do you want to gobble the subject matter down?
  • Originality – Is your photo unique? Bizarre? Strangely beautiful?

Our esteemed judges for this month are Accidental Hedonist, Arthur Hungry, MeatHenge, The Food Section, and myself.

A:31 E:30 O:29 – Total:90

Chubby Hubby
A:40 E:38 O:30 – Total:108

Taste Everything Once
(Nikon Coolpix 4200)
A:34 E:35 O:32 – Total:101

Grab Your Fork
(Sony Cybershot DSC-P10)
A:27 E:25 O:28 – Total:80

A:27 E:20 O:34 – Total:81

The Adventures of the Tastebuds
(Nikon Coolpix 3700)
A:20 E:19 O:24 – Total:63

Never Trust a Skinny Chef
(Canon Powershot S230)
A:32 E:35 O:27 – Total:94

Walker New York: Eats
A:28 E:24 O:28 – Total:80

Something’s Cooking
(Canon Powershot A70)
A:40 E:35 O:34 – Total:109

Seriously Good
(Canon Powershot S40)
A:33 E:35 O:29 – Total:97

she bakes and she cooks
(Canon Ixus 500)
A:34 E:36 O:34 – Total:104

Clea cuisine
(Nikon Coolpix 5200)
A:30 E:27 O:39 – Total:96

Bunny Pie
A:32 E:38 O:35 – Total:105

(Sharp GX30 camera phone)
A:38 E:30 O:33 – Total:101

Traveler’s Lunchbox
(Nikon D70)
A:42 E:43 O:38 – Total:123

Lex Culinaria
A:27 E:20 O:31 – Total:78

tian & mark
(Nikon Coolpix 4300)
A:33 E:34 O:31 – Total:98

A:33 E:32 O:34 – Total:99

Cooking with Amy
(Sony Cybershot DSC P-1)
A:32 E:28 O:31 – Total:91

Writing on a Paper Napkin
(Olympus C310Z)
A:39 E:36 O:35 – Total:110

Ideas In Food
A:35 E:33 O:44 – Total:112

deep end dining
(Nikon CoolPix 885)
A:37 E:22 O:36 – Total:95

(Pentax Optio S4i)
A:30 E:34 O:29 – Total:93

Brownie Points
(Nikon Coolpix 950)
A:39 E:28 O:45 – Total:112

Babe in the City – KL
(Sony Cybershot F505)
A:29 E:28 O:28 – Total:85

Soul Fusion Kitchen
(Sony Cybershot DSC S40)
A:35 E:37 O:32 – Total:104

Tigers and Strawberries
(Canon PowerShot A80)
A:27 E:30 O:30 – Total:87

(Casio EX-Z750)
A:38 E:40 O:31 – Total:109

il cavoletto di bruxelles
(HP Photosmart 945)
A:41 E:46 O:43 – Total:130

David Lebovitz
(Sony CyberShot T-1)
A:34 E:31 O:34 – Total:99

The Delicious Life
(Canon Digi Elph S500)
A:37 E:33 O:38 – Total:108

Becks & Posh
(Canon 20D)
A:39 E:36 O:36 – Total:111

Simply Recipes
(Fujifilm FinePix 2650)
A:37 E:35 O:30 – Total:102

Cake Fun
(Sony Cybershot DSC P72)
A:26 E:32 O:28 – Total:86

A:27 E:26 O:28 – Total:81

Who Wants Seconds?
(Olympus C-5060WZ)
A:38 E:35 O:37 – Total:110

(Minolta Dimage S404)
A:37 E:23 O:43 – Total:103

Food Migration
(Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC1)
A:33 E:28 O:39 – Total:100

(Sony DSC-W1)
A:32 E:41 O:31 – Total:104

A:33 E:30 O:33 – Total:96

Part-Time Pro Bono Baker
A:33 E:37 O:35 – Total:105

A:26 E:30 O:28 – Total:84

(Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20)
A:40 E:37 O:35 – Total:112

Delicious! Delicious!
A:38 E:40 O:33 – Total:111

To Short Term Memories
(Nikon D70)
A:39 E:36 O:37 – Total:112

Roast Chicken Reasoning
(Olympus C-770 Ultra Zoom)
A:27 E:30 O:29 – Total:86

Culinary Fool
(Sony DSC-P200)
A:38 E:38 O:37 – Total:113

Plate Of The Day
(Minolta DiMage X50)
A:27 E:27 O:28 – Total:82

A:43 E:30 O:43 – Total:116

(Cannon Powershot A40)
A:45 E:37 O:39 – Total:121

Brandon Eats
A:30 E:24 O:29 – Total:83

A:36 E:29 O:37 – Total:102

A:33 E:36 O:33 – Total:102