I don’t own a grill so I’m always excited (like a three-year-old going to a birthday party) when I get invited over for barbeques. I was a little out of it from cooking like a mad woman all weekend, but it was still fun to laze in the grass and over-cook my meats (as with baking, I’m really bad at grilling—mostly because I have limited experience with it).

I brought some unbelievably delicious pork and apricot sausages from A&J Meats. I know they’re breakfast food, but they are also insanely good cooked on a smoky grill and eaten like an appetizer. I burnt them a little (okay, a lot), but they still managed to be juicy and succulent. We dipped them into honey and maple syrup and ate them with our fingers.

I also brought caribou patties from Exotic Meats. I again left them on the grill way too long and they were a tad dry, but I loved the taste of the meat; slightly gamier than beef, but not overwhelming at all, with a nice meaty texture.

Oh yeah, and we finally got the octodog to work…