My favorite person over at the Seattle Times (Nancy Leson) was answering some restaurant related questions in her latest column. Some (hi-brow!) 10-year-old requested a birthday meal of spit-roasted wild boar. Nancy suggested an about-town, Wild Boar Tour:

1. Bangkok boar satay at Wild Ginger
2. An organic, pan-roasted wild-boar rib chop at Harvest Vine (I love you, Harvest Vine)
3. Roasted wild-boar tenderloin with Gorgonzola sauce at Volterra (Ahem, you know where I’m going to be next weekend…)

I, personally, would suggest getting in the car and driving up to Wild Rice for the Su Dong Wild Boar—the best pork recipe I’ve ever tasted.

Have a happy, 10th birthday Aidan! Next year, you should do like me and throw yourself a Wild Boar Pig Roast Party.