A week ago, Hillel from Tasting Menu invited me to a launch party for his latest creation: Autumn Omakase, A Tasting Menu from Tatsu Nishino of Nishino. The party was held at Nishino and since I had never been before I was excited to check it out.

For the party Nishino was serving platters of sushi, fabulous shrimp and asparagus tempura, seared tuna with chopped daikon and little foie gras/shitake/tuna nibbles. Admittedly, passed appetizers are not a huge indication of a restaurant’s capability, but I was sufficiently impressed. I will be returning very soon to try out the omakase menu.

Now for the good part. Even if you don’t live in Seattle you can still try the omakase menu—you’ll just have to cook it yourself. Hillel’s latest cookbook is filled with beautiful images and nine of Nishino’s recipes, which have been broken down into steps that seem very manageable. I can’t wait to cook the entire menu!

Download it for free at:

Congrats Hillel! Another beautiful baby…