consumed 03/08/2006

So now I know where I get it from.. for my grandma’s 89th birthday, my aunt planned a party for a hundred of my grandma’s closest friends. I guess when you’re 89 years old you can really rack up the friends.

The menu:

  • 17 fried chickens
  • 8 smoked hams
  • 6 baked salmon
  • 2 smoked turkeys
  • 20 lbs macaroni salad
  • 20 lbs potato salad
  • 5 boxes fried shrimp chips (they filled almost two kitchen garbage bags)
  • sticky rice with lop chong
  • 200 curry turnovers
  • lumpia (bought frozen at uwajimaya – really good)
  • seafood and chicken chow mein (from sun ya)
  • baked hum bow (from sun ya)
  • sheet cake (from sweet & fresh)
  • tai doi (homemade sesame balls filled with bean paste)
  • egg custards